How To Make Orgonite Pyramids

How do I make a orgonite pyramd?

Just as you make a Granada in Santa cone, only to find a mold can be a little difficult. I bought my molds in a shop specializing in professional articles kitchen. Metal molds are so besunto a little anti-adhesive (in this case oil) on the mold surface so that the resin does not become glued.

Why I do not you sell Cloudbusters (Clean-Clouds)?

Frankly because it was an investment to buy the materials to only two or three of them, in particular metal pipes. Furthermore I believe that although it is very nice to have a CB in the area, the work of distributing orgonite by mobile phone antennas, radio and TV relays, radomes, etc. It is a more important activity.

Chemtrails are not dangerous?

Chemtrails are being described as hazardous to health for us to forget distribute orgonite radionics weapons described in the previous question. In reality they are not dangerous to health since 2002.

Once the mobile phone antennas, etc. an area are “treated” with orgonite is no longer necessary to have to worry too much about chemtrails. After an area is “orgonizada” chemtrails serve mainly reference to whether it takes more orgonite: chemtrails in areas well “orgonizadas” tend to disperse fairly quickly unless they are being dropped many and one in above the other.

That orgonite parts should I buy?

Often ask me this question. If the person is not interested in applying orgonite out your means (do gifting) I usually indicate that a piece the size of a Tomba-Torres for every room in the house (included bathroom, pantry, etc.) and another piece on site Work should be sufficient. If there are many people using (or going through) a division of the house or at work, or if you think you need something stronger, it is better to use a larger piece such as a grenade Santa. Pending or pocket orgonite ensure after the person is always in the field of influence of the orgonite.

With regard to the distribution of orgonite, which are the most urgent local?

I suggested that began with its area and open a orgonizada area with a Km in diameter. Your intuition will allow you to feel where to go this circle of Positive Orgone. Thus creates a protected space where you can come back and feel good. Try also have orgonite the sites where he spends the day-to-day.

In terms of “specific locations”, the towers / antennas of mobile phones and TV and radio relay antennas are the most important, as well as any similar technologia such as “radomes” (covered radars). Next come the places of worship (Catholic, but also Megalithic for example). The antennas because alone they do very badly (energy and atmosphere) and places of worship because they are always on power lines, whether they are “clean” or not.

What is an Earth Tube?

A ground tube or “Earth pipe” is a pipe, usually of copper and about 33 cm long and 3.8 cm in diameter. This tube is filled up to half the metal matrix resin, and the base (mixed in this matrix) a crystal covered with a copper wire spiral, pointing energy and directs the rest of the tube length.

To use, turns the tube with the crystal pointing down, is placed preferably in suitable terrain, and with a heavy hammer will be hammered into the pipe to be buried – no problem if the tube is a bit of out, but try to cover it with anything. Once in place the Earth Tube will issue Positive Orgone down to earth, in a targeted way.

If they consider the negative energies that sometimes are concentrated in the basement – not to mention in military constructions – will be easy to recognize the importance of applying these tubes.

It is true that I have neglected the manufacture and sale of orgonite devices. Like in the future to include in the catalog but can not promise when that will be. However, if they want to-earth tubes can find the instructions here, while buying for can go to the Orgonise Africa.
And the method / ingredient X, Y, Z to make orgonite? I need to clean / intended use / do some ritual? It has to be me to make my own orgonite?

The common orgonite (50% metal filings + 50% + catalyzed crystal resin) can be made by anyone, in any situation and state of mind. If Gandhi and Hitler did orgonite with these three basic ingredients, they would both orgonite that cleanses and revitalizes the orgone (chi, prana) environment, 24 hours a day, without ever being even need cleaning or intentions, and that orgonite would benefit any indescriminadamente person.

In other words, the orgonite is a simple technology like a light switch or a bicycle. None of these technologies is depedente in whom manufactured or who are using, right? The orgonite is this – it’s very simple. I find it extraordinary how some people seem unable to accept its simplicity, preferring to dazzle and mystify their perception of orgonite.

There is no need for it. The orgonite is a technology this time. It is a simple and available to everyone else. Anyone can make or buy orgonite, so anyone can benefit from this technology. This miraculous mixture is no secret that priests or technocrats can use to control humanity. On the contrary, the orgonite * is * the great equalizer, a very democratic technology that is helping to repair imbalances in this world. Heard the meek inherit the earth? Well, the proactive meek are to win back the earth with orgonite. Join us in this adventure 😉

Aluminum is not bad for health?

Perhaps, if it is used as pot to heat the soup. Combined in approximate proportions 50/50 resin and with the addition of a crystal have orgonite. And the orgonite applied to a source of Deadly Orgone only will you do it well!

The theme of “bad for health” is (most) one of those arguments that has no head or tail. Look around you and see the amount of things that are made with aluminum and then explain to me how the aluminum ever orgonite can hurt, especially when in most cases is completely encapsulated in resin?

This reminds me of the idiots of the prosecution of Mozambique in 2009 accused us of wanting to poison the Cahora Bassa with resin, the cured resin orgonite. They said that the resin was toxic … for if the pools and the hooves of many boats are made of resin, which is the logic in that ?! Parasites twist are all trying to prove that black is white and white is black.

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How To Make Orgonite Pyramids

How do I make a orgonite pyramd? Just as you make a Granada in Santa cone, only to find a mold can be a little difficult. […]
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